Hello…I am working as an assistant set decorator on the movie “Wall Street 2” (the sequel of the original “Wall Street” from 1987)...Diane Lederman, and I discovered your amazing cordless lamps and would love to feature them in this movie. We were working on another movie project recently and were shooting in the Oak Room in NYC and saw your lighting system in action. What impressed us was not only the design but also the fact that it has a range of illumination (which is very helpful to the director of photography).

Posted By: Lisa K. Nilsson, Assistant Set Decorator
Wall Street 2 - The Movie

First let me start by saying that your product (Egg Cordless Lamp product code 10147F) is a piece of functional art that in itself is beautiful and also enhances the beauty of my club. My Jazz club is open 365 days a year and I constantly receive positive remarks from my customers regarding your product.

Posted By: Eric Otero –Dizzy's Club Coca Cola
New York City

We are very pleased with your lamps. They are absolutely fantastic and get a lot of positive comments from our guests. The handling of the lamps is simple and they set a great mood light and atmosphere in Café MoZU.

Posted By: Alain K. Bachmann – Mandarin Oriental
Washington, DC

Many thanks for designing such a beautiful product.

Posted By: Dino Lavorini – General Manager, The Modern
New York

We designed the new restaurants at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Thank you for your beautiful products - I would be proud to have them in my own home!

Posted By: Peter Bentel – Architect, Bentel & Bentel
New York

The client was very pleased to have the Neoz Cordless Lights delivered on time for tonight's Gala Opening at The Walt Disney Concert Hall. He said they look great. Thanks for your help.

Posted By: Brian – Plug Lighting
Los Angeles, CA

The 24 fritted eggs (amber) we purchased last year were a big hit at our oceanfront restaurant on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, USA. We would now like to consider lights for our interior tables.

Posted By: Geoffrey T. Silva – Galley Beach
Nantucket, MA

Good thing our daughter's wedding reception on July 28th was illuminated by about ninety of your amber gems. With 266 seated dinner guests and the Peter Duchin orchestra performing, a transformer between us and the street blew up, killing all electricity to the house for two hours. With the light from the two fireplaces, the amber glow of a room full of gems, and the band playing acoustically (no amps) the party continued festively until 4:00 AM. Without these fabulous lights, the wedding would have been a catastrophic disappointment.

Posted By: Dan Drackett
Hailey, ID

The lamps are fabulous....what a difference in the rooms where they have been placed!! Thanks again.

Posted By: Jack – Manager, Evergreen Bistro

All in our office remain very impressed with the quality, function and beauty of your products and will look for new opportunities to make us of them.

Posted By: Richard D. Pearse – Architect, Nomad Design
Seattle, WA

I can tell you the ships have happily implemented the table lights you supplied with us recently. So much in fact they are interested in added them to other rooms onboard.

Posted By: Jocelyn – Assistant, Crystal Cruises
Los Angeles, CA

I am currently using your cordless lighting system. The product is awesome.

Posted By: Bill Kohut – Manager, Chart House Restaurant

I just ordered 8 more of the Ice 1 lamps with chargers. Just to let you know, they were a big hit here. Many people love them. The quality is excellent and the product is wonderful! We have all been thinking of many uses for them.

Posted By: Barbara Lafrate
Seattle, WA
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