Neoz Cordless Lamps

'Creating finest ambiance - for the World's Best Hotels and Restaurants'
NEOZ specializes in Cordless Lamps and Cordless lighting systems for commercial, hospitality and home environments worldwide.

Australian-designed and engineered to highest standards for continual commercial use - NEOZ has won many design awards for its innovative lighting systems.

NEOZ Rechargeable Cordless Lamps allow complete freedom and flexibility, giving unmatched performance and beautiful light diffusion – now available with Halogen or LED bulb.

From candle flicker to illuminating a dinner table - the high end designs of the NEOZ Cordless Lamps are without equal, and feature:

• Up to 260 hours of light on a single charge (with LED bulb)
• Multiple light settings for dimming and candle modes
• Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
• Excellent Color Rendering
   (CRI 100% for Halogen and 95+ for LED)
• Highest quality components with up to three years warranty

neoz cordless lamps award
International Design Awards - United States of America
August 2014 - Awards

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